3 cushion billiards diamond system pdf

A point is scored for each successful carom. In most shots the 3 cushion billiards diamond system pdf ball hits the object balls one time each, although hitting them any number of times is allowed as long as both are hit. The cue ball does not have to contact three different cushions as long as they have been in contact at least three times in total.

Each player has his own cue ball. In modern three-cushion, the neutral ball is red, and the cue balls are white and yellow. The yellow ball makes it easier for spectators to follow the game. Three-cushion dates to the 1870s, and while the origin of the game is not entirely known, it evolved from cushion caroms, which in turn developed from straight rail billiards for the same reason that balkline also arose from straight rail.

It is undisputed that the Internal Revenue Collector of the Port of St. At least one publication categorically states he invented the game as well.

Mussey’s billiard room in St. The tourney was won by New Yorker Leon Magnus.

The high run for the tournament was just 6 points, and the high average a . The game was infrequently played prior to 1907, with many top carom players of the era voicing their dislike of it.