A level maths notes pdf

Role of NGO, Pressure Grp. Role of NGO, A level maths notes pdf Grp. This is no country for crybabies, kids, college teens and no0bs. Yaar this maths is so hard, I can’t do it.

I’m poor in maths and I cannot improve. The Approach for Maths, stands on two pillars. For some topics, directly Quantitative aptitude books.

There are lot of books in market, the question is, which one to refer? It is explained at the bottom of this article. Your task is to cover one topic at a time, first get conceptual-clarity and then solve maximum questions at home. Whenever you learn any shortcut technique, you note it down in your diary.

Similarly, whenever you make any mistake while solving sums, you also note that down in your diary. Night before the exam, you review that diary of mistakes.