A practice grammar of german pdf

Here are, in my opinion, some of the best links for language learning. Creating interactive exercises with a practice grammar of german pdf context sensitive feedback is a lot of work.

Would you like to contribute? You would choose the level of involvement.

Our students will profit from our work, since it is published on the WWW and accessible to anyone. These programs will always be freeware. How can I join this project? Note for Teachers who want to create their own: If you want to create web-based interactive exercises with feedback on your own, my top recommendation is Hot Potatoes, which is free if you use it for academic work and make your exercises accessible to everyone on the web.

And that’s what the web is all about. DER- and EIN-words, as well as those not preceded by an article. The theme for this practice is the history of Berlin. This exercise asks students to decide which of the four conjunctions is the correct choice for the given context.

At this stage, the program is only self-correcting, but supplies almost no feedback on errors. PICTURES with CULTURAL NOTES and a HELP section are included.

Please send your feedback if you find mistakes, want to add explanations, or have other ideas for this project. HELP section and TUTORIAL included. Also see this wonderful Dartmouth page!