Astro a50 manual pdf

Not to be confused with Opel Astra or GMC Astro. This astro a50 manual pdf needs additional citations for verification.

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2005 and over two build generations. Plymouth Voyager and the Japanese Toyota Van, but also vehicles such as the Dodge Durango and Honda Pilot.

Pontiac used the nameplate on several of its station wagon models from 1955 to 1989. The two Safaris, both Pontiac and GMC, were marketed simultaneously, at times by the same dealerships, from 1985 through 1989. The Pontiac Safari is not a variant of the GMC Safari, and the Chevrolet Astro by extension.

The Astro model name had been used previously for the unrelated Chevrolet Astro 1 Concept car, first shown at the New York Auto Show of 1967. 94 Astro Cargo Van STD: 177.