Barron”s strategies and practice for the new psat nmsqt pdf

Barron’s GRE, 20th Edition by Sharon Weiner Green M. Thank you for choosing Excel Academy to support you on your homeschooling journey. I am humbled and honored to barron’s strategies and practice for the new psat nmsqt pdf an incredible team of dedicated educators and staff ready to collaborate with in your admirable choice in education. We recognize the sacrifice and dedication families make when homeschooling which is why we strive to help create balance and parent choice in a personalized learning environment.

Excel Academy is led by a collaborative team made up of innovative educators on the forefront of educational change opening the doors for all options in independent study. Welcome to the Excel family! Excel Academy offers a tuition free independent study personalized learning model for students in grades TK-12.

Our unique educational program allows parents to select a wide variety of educational resources and materials from approved vendors using instructional funds provided by the charter school. Using these educational resources, families have the freedom to build a customized learning experience for their children, benefiting from flexibility of choice and the partnership of a highly qualified California-credentialed teacher. Excel Academy provides a flexible, personalized learning environment where teachers and parents will partner together and collaborate to ensure the success of each student.

Students are encouraged to work any time, any place, and are supported by teachers, curriculum and staff that will adapt to the uniqueness inherent in every student and learning situation. Excel pursues a learning environment where every student will be challenged by, enjoy, and help direct their own education.

Excel believes one of the key elements of an optimal education is to place the student in a climate where curiosity and exploration are rewarded. While Excel’s curriculum aligns itself to California’s academic content standards, each family may avail themselves of alternative or supplemental learning resources that can help prepare each student for the real-life complexities of higher education and the ever-changing job market.

Flexible pacing enables each student, under the guidance of the educator, to target individual needs without the demands of a classroom. By developing an awareness of their own unique learning style and advancement in their communication abilities, students and families will be enabled to discover their greatest areas of need and direct their efforts accordingly. Excel Academy strives to empower students to take ownership of their education and develop not only the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities, but also the confidence, creativity, and discipline to help them adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Our Program provides engaging and relevant state standards aligned curriculum.

Student needs are identified through ongoing assessments to inform and guide appropriate and effective intervention strategies. We offer a comprehensive system of supports to parents and students to ensure students are on track with grade level requirements and are college and career ready. Our Educators believe that all students have the potential to meet or exceed academic standards. Parents, teachers, staff, and administrators work together as a professional learning community to evaluate instructional practices with focus on improving student performance.