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French conjugation is the creation of derived forms of a French verb from its principal parts by inflection. 2nd section: verbs ending in -oir. The first two groups follow a regular conjugation, whereas the third group follows an irregular one. The verb aller is the only verb ending in -er belonging to the third group.

The infinitive, participle, and gerundive are not verbal moods. Tenses are described under the mood to which they belong, and they are grouped as follows. When être is used, the participle is inflected according to the gender and number of the subject.

Il a acheté une voiture. Voilà la voiture qu’il a achetée. This verb has different stems for different tenses. Although the stem changes, the inflections of these tenses are as a regular -oir verb.

Notice that the imperative form uses the subjunctive conjugation. This verb has different stems for different tenses.