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In addition, individual leaders of the LDS Church have expressed a variety of personal opinions on church new member packet pdf, many of which have affected the beliefs and perceptions of Latter-day Saints. There has been a wide range of views on the relationship between church teachings on human origins and scientific findings.

Many members currently view the theory of evolution with suspicion despite there being no official stance from the church. The same suspicion was seen in the past. For example, during the 1911 BYU controversy, four popular professors resigned from the church school after being threatened with firing by the president for teaching higher science including the theory of evolution to students. The topic of the intersection of science and LDS teachings has been discussed on multiple occasions throughout the Mormon church’s history.

We differ from the Christian world, for our religion will not clash with or contradict the facts of science in any particular. The idea that the religion of Christ is one thing, and science is another, is a mistaken idea, for there is no true religion without true science.

The human spirit yearns for enlightenment. Whether truth comes from a scientific laboratory or by revelation from God, we seek it! Is there any conflict between science and religion? There is no conflict in the mind of God, but often there is conflict in the minds of men.

The Church has no official position on the theory of evolution or the details of “what happened on earth before Adam and Eve, including how their bodies were created. Even so, some general authorities of the LDS Church have considered evolution to be opposed to scriptural teaching.

Apostles Joseph Fielding Smith and Bruce R. Other church authorities and members have taken a softer stance towards evolutionary theory, even if they have not endorsed every aspect of it. Examples of this position include Elders B. While maintaining its “no position” stance, the LDS Church has produced a number of official publications that have included discussion and unofficial statements from these various church leaders on evolution and the “origin of man.

These statements generally adopt the position, as a church-approved encyclopedia entry states, “he scriptures tell why man was created, but they do not tell how, though the Lord has promised that he will tell that when he comes again. The 1909 and 1925 statements of the First Presidency have been subsequently endorsed by church leaders. In 1988, apostle Boyd K.