Classification of tuberculosis pdf

Health care providers should comply with local laws and regulations requiring the reporting of TB. All persons with class 3 or class 5 TB should be reported classification of tuberculosis pdf to the local health department.

See list of notifiable diseases. The B notification program is an important screening strategy to identify new arrivals who have a high risk for TB.

Diagnostic Standards and Classification of Tuberculosis in Adults and Children. Volume 161, Number 4, April 2000, 1376-1395.

This Official Statement of the American Thoracic Society and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was Adopted by the ATS Board of Directors, July 1999. This Statement was endorsed by the Council of the Infectious Disease Society of America, September 1999. Class 0-5 are explained on pages 1391-1392.

CDC Immigration Requirements: Technical Instructions for Tuberculosis Screening and Treatment. State of Wisconsin, Department of Health Services, Division of Public Health, International Health and Respiratory Disease Unit, Bureau of Communicable Diseases and Emergency Response. This page was last edited on 17 September 2017, at 07:36.