Complete piano chords pdf

Please forward this error screen to 198. Printable piano chord chart — here’s an easy way to help piano keyboard students remember major and minor chords — group them in look-alike “families. Hamburger” chords, and the black-on-complete piano chords pdf-outside, white-on-the-inside chords “Oreo” or “Ice Cream Sandwich” chords.

The kids catch on very quickly. Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches” by me, and “Burnt Hamburger” chords by some of my students! The second graphic, shown below, demonstrates how I hand-draw little circles above the chord families.

Sarah in Australia made the PDF printable copy of the chord chart below – thank you, Sarah! These cute names are actually not my own ideas, though I use them all the time with my students. They also have different sets of card games that illustrate the chords on my keyboard chord chart.

Improvise with the chords to build familiarity. This can be a fun way for them to get to know chords better.