Docsis 3.0 specification pdf

Released in March 1997, DOCSIS 1. 0 included functional elements from preceding proprietary cable modems. Released in April 1999, DOCSIS 1. Released docsis 3.0 specification pdf December 2001, DOCSIS 2.

0 enhanced upstream data rates in response to increased demand for symmetric services such as IP telephony. Released in August 2006, DOCSIS 3.

First released in October 2013, and updated several times since, the DOCSIS 3. 1 technology also includes some new energy management features that will help the cable industry reduce its energy usage, and the DOCSIS-PIE algorithm to reduce bufferbloat.

In the United States, broadband provider Comcast announced in February 2016 that several cities within its footprint will have DOCSIS 3. 1 availability before the end of the year. At the end of 2016, Mediacom announced it would become the first major U.

1 Full Duplex is an innovation project to improve DOCSIS 3. This technology is proposed to enable multi-gigabit symmetrical services while remaining backwards compatible with DOCSIS 3. For example, if one has a cable modem that only supports DOCSIS 1. 0, and the system is running 2.