Facebook ad types pdf

We now know that a Russian organization spent two years trying to influence American voters using Facebook. In a facebook ad types pdf post published on the evening of Sept. 100,000 over the two years, according to Stamos’s post. LGBT issues, and less on particular presidential candidates or the election itself.

And Facebook suspects, though can’t confirm, that some of them were connected to a Russian troll farm in St. It has given the information to congressional investigators looking into Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 US election and the Donald Trump campaign’s possible collusion.

However, what’s just as striking is what Facebook has not disclosed about the ad campaigns—including the nature of the ads themselves, how many users saw them, who those users were, and how they may have been targeted. Here are the questions Facebook has yet to answer and why it matters. What were the demographics of the users who saw the ads, and how were they targeted? 100,000 and 3,000 ads is a relatively minuscule campaign, those ads could be highly effective if they were tailored and shown to just the right people.