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Not to be confused with Los Angeles City Fire Department. Los Angeles County, California, as well as 58 cities, including the city of La Habra which is located in Orange Fire department application pdf and is the first city outside of Los Angeles County to contract with LACoFD.

As of 2013 the department is responsible for just over 4 million residents spread out in over 1. According to Firehouse Magazine which keeps statistics on fire departments across the United States, the LACoFD is the 6th busiest department in the US, behind New York City Fire Department, Chicago Fire Department, Houston Fire Department, Los Angeles City Fire Department, and Dallas Fire Department. The Department responded to 389,313 calls for service in 2015.

The department is commanded by Chief Daryl L. The Los Angeles County Fire Department began in 1920, and was known as the Los Angeles County Forestry Department and Los Angeles County Fire Protection Districts.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors enlisted Stuart J. Flintham to lead the new department, and directed him to establish a program for fire prevention and firefighting in the county. He succeeded in opening 30 Fire Protection Districts, which served, and continue to serve, towns and the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. Cities could choose to join the Fire Protection District by allocating property tax for this service.

Cities formed as contract cities in the post-World War II period normally retained membership in the Fire Protection District. Fire Department charged cities fees for services when annexation occurred. Properties within the district that are not covered under a fee for service arrangement also pay a special fire tax as a result of Proposition E, passed in 1997. County vehicles assigned to the Los Angeles County Fire Department continue to list as registered owner the “Consolidated Fire Protection District of Los Angeles County” on California Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork.