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Cover of the first edition of Skim. Skim is a Canadian graphic novel written by Mariko Tamaki and drawn by Jillian Tamaki. Set in 1993, in a Toronto Catholic girls high school, it is about an outsider girl called Skim. Skim graphic novel marvel pdf a “not slim” sixteen-year-old Japanese-Canadian who is a student at an all-girls Catholic school.

She is known as a Goth, and practices Wicca. When popular girl Katie Matthews gets dumped by her athlete boyfriend, who days later kills himself, the entire school goes into mourning overdrive.

Skim finds herself in the crosshairs, deepening her “depression”. And if things cannot get more complicated, Skim starts to fall for an equally quirky teacher.

Kimberly Keiko Cameron, aka “Skim”: a Wiccan, Gothic, Japanese-Canadian schoolgirl. Archer: The school’s English and drama teacher, also the only teacher at the school that Skim respects, although she is flaky. Katie Matthews: a popular girl at the school, the former girlfriend of John and former best friend of Julie.