Induction training program for new employees pdf

Training induction training program for new employees pdf be systematic or unsystematic training. Induction training is systematic training.

The systematic model supplements natural learning with a systematic intervention that relates to the organisations objectives. Induction training provides employees with a smooth entry into the organisation by providing them with the information they require to get started. The goals of induction training are in line with those of the wider induction process.

In small organisations, the responsibility for carrying out the induction training usually rests with one person. In larger organisations, the responsibility is shared between managers, supervisors and human resources. Their responsibility is to ensure that the induction program is followed and the desired induction goals are achieved.

The induction itself is usually conducted within the workplace by competent trainers and speakers in a presentation format. Induction training can also be in a written format, which can be sent to a new employee before they start, or handed to them when they start or delivered as a computer-based format. The trainer is able to get to the trainees trained up in order to successfully integrate them into the specific area of the organisation for which the individual is being trained for. The induction is the first real opportunity new employees get to experience their new employer.

If for example the trainer is no good or the facilitation lacks, new employees may quickly become bored and may even question their choice of employment. Induction training must be comprehensive, collaborative, systematic and coherent to be effective and make a positive impact with the trainee.