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For the Polish colonel making it happen richard amato pdf Cold War spy, see Ryszard Kukliński. American contract killer and serial killer who was convicted of murdering 5 people, although he claimed the number was over 100.

Kuklinski was given the nickname “The Iceman” for his method of freezing a victim to mask the time of death. Kuklinski lived with his wife and children in the New Jersey suburb of Dumont. His family was apparently unaware of Kuklinski’s double life and crimes.

By the early to mid-1980s, Kuklinski was involved in narcotics, pornography, arms dealing, money laundering, hijacking and contract killing. While his range of criminal activities expanded, he began to make mistakes. Although Kuklinski is claimed to have killed anyone who could testify against him, he got sloppy about disposing of his victims. Law enforcement began to suspect Kuklinski and started an investigation, gathering evidence about the various crimes he had committed.

The eighteen month long undercover investigation led to his arrest in 1986. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1988. After his murder convictions, Kuklinski took part in a number of interviews during which he claimed to have murdered from over 100 to 250 men between 1948 and 1986, though his recollection of events sometimes varied. Though some have expressed skepticism about the extent of Kuklinski’s alleged murders, police are confident in their belief that he was a serial killer who killed at least several dozen people both at the behest of organized crime bosses and on his own initiative.

Many of Kuklinski’s claims were substantiated by author Philip Carlo in over 240 hours of interviews and via the dozens of cases Kuklinski helped New Jersey police clear after his incarceration. Three documentaries, two biographies and a feature film have been produced on Kuklinski, based on his interviews and the results of the task force that brought him to justice.

Richard was constantly abused by his parents, especially by his father, who repeatedly beat him. She believed that stern discipline should be accompanied by a strict religious upbringing, and raised her son in the Roman Catholic Church, where he became an altar boy.

He killed cats during his childhood. His older brother Florian died of injuries suffered from abuse by his father. The family lied to the police, saying that he had fallen down a flight of steps. When asked about his brother’s crimes, Richard replied: “We come from the same father.

Before he became a contract killer, Kuklinski worked in a warehouse in New Jersey, and met and married Barbara Pedrici. She claimed in a later interview that once, during an argument in a car, she told Richard she did not want to stay in the car, felt a pain in her neck and, when she touched it, felt and saw blood. Kuklinski told her, “That is an object lesson: never leave me. She claimed he stabbed her.

Kuklinski and his wife had two daughters and a son. Barbara described his behavior as alternating between “good Richie” and “bad Richie. Good Richie was a hard-working provider for his family’s needs, and an affectionate father and husband who enjoyed time with his family. In contrast, bad Richie would appear at irregular intervals: sometimes one day after another, other times not appearing for months.