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A is a fictional comic book hero created by Steve Ditko. Unlike mr grey book pdf of his work, the character of Mr. A stories remain the property of Ditko, as he wrote and illustrated them all himself.

Ditko has been quoted as saying that his creation, The Question, is a comics-code acceptable version of Mr. Rex Graine is a newspaper reporter for the Daily Crusader. He is known for his uncompromising principles and incorruptibility.

In order to fight crime, Graine wears metal gloves and a steel mask that resembles a placid face, thus becoming Mr. A’s outfit is completely white.

A uses half white-half black calling cards to signify his arrival, as well as to represent his belief that there can only be good and evil, and no moral grey area. Comics creator Alan Moore was once a member of a band The Emperors of Ice Cream which performed a Moore-penned song entitled “Mr.

He later created the character Rorschach for the series Watchmen who has been compared to Mr. The character, like the rest of the main characters of Watchmen, was based on a Charlton Comics character as a “starting point”, specifically basing Rorschach on the Question. In fact, Moore has related a story about an unspecified acquaintance who said he asked Ditko about whether he was familiar with Rorschach. Reportedly, Ditko acknowledged, describing Rorschach as being “like Mr.