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Munchkin is a dedicated deck card game by Steve Jackson Games, written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic. Munchkin won the 2001 Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game, and is itself a spin-off of The Munchkin’s Guide to Powergaming, a gaming humor book which also won an Origins Award in 2000. After the success of the original Munchkin game several expansion packs and sequels pathfinder item cards pdf published.

2007 sales for Steve Jackson Games. Players primarily progress by killing monsters, and level up every time they kill a monster. However, players can freely use cards against monsters and other players during play, allowing them to either assist or to sabotage others during their turn. Each person’s turn begins when they “kick down the door” by drawing a Door Card face-up.

Item Card, Race Card, or Class Card, which the player adds to their hand. If the card drawn is not a Monster Card, the player can either “loot the room” by drawing a face-down door card and adding it to their hand, or “look for trouble” by playing a Monster Card from their hand to fight it. Should a player die, their turn immediately ends and they discard their hand, retaining their player level but drawing a new hand for equipment. A game of Munchkin being played, with coins being used to denote levels.