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She first appears in the 1990 novel Postmortem. The series is noted for the use of recent forensic technology in Scarpetta’s investigations. Kay Scarpetta was born in Miami, Florida, in 1954. She is of Italian descent on both sides of her family, with patricia cornwell postmortem pdf free download Scarpettas emigrating from Verona, Italy.

She is blonde and a sharp dresser, although always professional. As a young girl, she watched her father die slowly from leukemia and the experience has remained with her ever since, translating into her everyday work life, where she is surrounded by death. She is a perfectionist, an incredibly hard worker completely immersed in her work.

Scarpetta loves to cook, particularly Italian food. She makes everything from scratch, including pasta and bread, and has a beautiful, custom-built restaurant kitchen in her home. 6 years before the beginning of the first novel set in 1986, Postmortem. Benton Wesley, who was supposedly killed in Point of Origin but later reappeared.

In 2007’s The Book of the Dead, Scarpetta and Wesley become engaged. By the beginning of 2008’s Scarpetta, Benton and Kay are married. In addition to a large custom-built house that includes a restaurant kitchen, a great room, and a mud room, Scarpetta also drives a new Mercedes, which she replaces often: in one case, after Lucy wrecks it, and in another after it is involved in the murder of her morgue assistant.

He is not killed in it but near it. She can’t bear to drive it after his death, so she trades it in for a nearly identical car.