Standard tenancy agreement pdf

The letter should take into standard tenancy agreement pdf the interests of both parties. The letter should make specifications regarding the time, period, rent and other allied aspects. The letter should not be complex in any sense of the term.

If you need the help of a professional advocate don’t hesitate to seek one. Interest of both parties should be taken into consideration while drafting the letter. It is primarily concerned with renting our residential or commercial property.

Make sure you get your rent and lease agreement correct. This letter is to confirm through legal means the mutual agreement for renting out my house to you for a period of one year. The agreement is being signed for 11 months initially and as we find any situation to extend it further, we may think of it then and there. As mutually agreed the monthly rent of the house is Rs10, 000 and you will have to pay three months advance amount of 30,000 well in advance.

And kindly note that apart from the amount of rent, you will have to bear the expenses of water charge and electricity in addition to the maintenance after you occupies the house. The advance amount you pay to me will be returned to you as you finish the contract and let off the home. Moreover if either party of the agreement fails to keep up the terms and conditions of the contract in letter and spirit, either party is at liberty to terminate the contract with three months notice. If you have any doubts regarding the clauses and provisions mentioned above and if you have any suggestions to make, you can contact me.

And if you feel that the above mentioned terms and condition are fine and agreeable please make your signature in the space provided below as a token of your approval to the terms and conditions being drafted in the letter. Subject: Discussion on formation of Rental Agreement. Still feeling lazy to write Rental Agreement?