Stock transfer in sap mm pdf

Procurement stock transfer in sap mm pdf starts with gathering requirements and ends with procuring goods from vendors. Once goods are procured from vendor they need to be placed in company’s premises in correct place so that they can be consumed when required.

This introduces the term known as inventory management. Inventory management deals with placing and handling stock received from vendors in correct place within company’s premises. Inventory management deals with management of stock either on value or quantity basis.

Planning, entry and keeping records of all goods movement comes under inventory management. Goods movement will create a document that will update all stock quantity and value in inventory that is known as material document. Material document will be referred by a document number and document year. Movement type describes the type of stock posting in inventory.

It represents the posting in stock is due to which type of order like whether stock is posted against goods receipt or goods issue. 313 – Stock transfer storage locations to storage location in two steps – removal from storage. Select GR Goods Receipt drop-down. You will get a lot of standard movement types and you can choose one according to your requirement.

Goods receipt is the phase in which the material is received by the ordering party and the condition and quality are verified. Depending upon the movement type stock is posted in inventory with the help of goods receipt. Goods receipt will show increase in warehouse stock.