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Fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is locked out of its electronic medical records, but in the real world, healthcare organizations face even greater risks. AI, some recent research efforts offer insight into what the status quo is around AI in the enterprise and the barriers that could impede adoption. As organizations move to hybrid clouds they have to adjust their thinking and how they look at key concepts.

Updated version includes changes to some existing guidelines – and adds some new ones. In an era when organizations have to move forward quickly with innovative — often expensive — tech initiatives, CIOs and CFOs may have to form a partnership. Few tools exist to measure or fix multi-cloud problems. While there are benefits from adopting an agile strategy, your organization can take success to the next level by also utilizing design thinking to identify problems.

Utilizing managed services can be cost efficient for an enterprise, but be sure to look beyond cost to how you manage those managed service providers. The special advance rate for Interop ITX event registration expires December 15. Take time out from holiday shopping to invest in your career.

Having established a foothold in the home with its Alexa personal assistant, Amazon now has the office market in its sights. Security leaders frustrated with their talent search may be searching for the wrong skills and qualifications. Analytics is spreading out to more departments that want to optimize their operations, but that may give users a false sense of freedom from IT.

Here are some dynamics currently affecting IT. Researcher to reveal IoT medical device dangers at Black Hat Europe this week. Imagine if enterprises could turn to a single open source stack for their infrastructure needs rather than a host of different organizations.

As IT executives set out their plans for 2018, three key technology concepts should be top priorities. Executives who have done it share their experiences and advice on knowing when and how to spin off an IT-based startup. Not all security tools are pricey. As companies begin to fully embrace the digital workplace, they should focus on the employee experience the same way they would on the customer experience.