Techniques of environmental scanning pdf

Approaches and Techniques of environmental scanning pdf Used for Environmental Scanning! The external environment in which an organization exists consists of a bewildering variety of factors.

These factors are events, trends, issues and expectations of different interested groups. Events are important and specific occurrences taking place in different environmental sectors. Trends are the general tendencies or the courses of action along which events take place.

Issues are the current concerns that arise in response to events and trends. Expectations are the demands made by interested groups in the light of their concern for issues. By monitoring the environment through environmental scanning, an organization can consider the impact of the different eve trends, issues and expectations on its strategic management process. Similarly any organization-facing environment as a complex the scanning is absolutely essential, and strategists have to deal cautiously with process environmental scanning.

The effort has to be to deal with it is such a manner that unnecessary time and effort is not expended, while important facts are not ignored. For this to take place, it is important to devise an approach or a combination of different approaches, to environmental scanning. The experts have suggested three approaches, which could be adopted for, sort out information for environmental scanning.

Under this approach, information for environmental scanning is collected systematically. Information related to markets and customers, changes in legislation and regulations that have a direct impact on an organization’s activities, government policy statements pertaining the organization’s business and industry, etc, could be collected continuous updating such information is necessary not only for strategic management but also for operational activities. Using this approach, an organization may conduct special surveys and studies to deal with specific environmental issues from time to time. Such studies may be conducted, for instance, when organization has to undertake special projects, evaluate existing strategy or devise new strategies.