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The sexy redhead Rachel is cursed to give birth to a demon that will devour her and destroy the world. Her only hope is a mysterious man she can’t find. A new prediction from a telugu romantic novels free download pdf old woman leads her to believe that her sidekick Jack may be her best hope at finding this man.

A story about finding Oneself and finding True Love! Joel and Lucy are two individuals who are poles apart, when life brings them together. But life is full of surprises, isn’t it? FINDING US is the first part of my complete novel IT WAS LOVE!

Sonya Brown is a young woman who has suffered the loss of her father and soon suffer more loss in the hands of her boyfriend, Tyrone, who causes her to become pregnant and having two children. He soon despises her and sets up elaborate plan to ruin her life. Four young ladies, four young friends studying Physics at University get recruited to join the Special Signal Services to serve their country as Radar Operators.