The human digestive system pdf

Over 11,059,000 the human digestive system pdf tutoring sessions served! The digestive system  is concerned with the breakdown of complex food substances and its conversion in to simpler components , its absorption through the blood stream and  assimilation in the cells and tissues producing desired effects of growth etc. The digestive system  in man comprises of  different components each assigned with a specific function.

Basically, the the digestive system can be considered as a the food pipe or esophagus  initiating  from the buccal cavity or mouth and terminating in the anus with diversifications at different stages  of its  progression  form the mouth to anus. The floor of the buccal cavity is provided with the muscular tongue  with tastebuds  that helps in tasting and mastication of the food.

The opening of the trachea is provided with an opening called glottis which gets closed by the membranous epiglottis during swallowing. It prevents entry of  food particles in the trachea .