The school and society john dewey pdf

John Dewey’s first published work of length on education. A highly influential publication in its own right, it the school and society john dewey pdf also lay the foundation for his later work.

In the lectures included in the initial publication, Dewey proposes a psychological, social, and political framework for progressive education. He argues that the progressive approach is both an inevitable product of the Industrial Revolution and a natural fit with the psychology of children.

A final chapter details some of the experiments done at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. Articles in the 1915 edition extended his argument with reprints of Dewey’s work published in the Elementary School Record.

Experimentation in education was widespread in the 19th century, and much of late 19th century experimentation involved the introduction of “hands on” activities into the classroom. It has been difficult to escape from the traditions of an exclusively book education. There were many experiments with experiential learning at the time Dewey delivered his lectures.

Here young children learn how a compass works by making one in a Washington D. While the introduction of manual tasks in classroom was underway well before The School and Society’s publication, Dewey’s work helped to lay a coherent theoretical foundation for progressive experimentation in education. The three lectures that comprise the bulk of the 1899 and 1900 editions were initially given as a fundraising lecture series in support of the Laboratory School. The lectures proceed in a pattern, the first dealing with the relation of the school to social progress, the second with the relation of the school to the psychology of the child, and the third with the organization of the school in accomplishing these aims.