Tool post assembly pdf

Gold Go for better, go for Gold. Modern machining is no longermerely about tool post assembly pdf, milling,drilling and threading.

It’s about solutions and objectivesthat are considered unachievable todaybut will be regarded as the new standard tomorrow. Gold is a new Walter technology platform for unique indexable insert coatings. It is suitable for all turning, milling, drillingand threading processes.

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The contact details for your local contact partnercan be found on our website at: walter-tools. We do not reinventthe wheel every day.

But we do when itmakes sense. Trendsetting solutions for metal machining.

3 ways of discovering our innovations. TOOL INNOVATIONS IN TURNINGStart turningcost-effectively today.

DC170 : THE IKON OF DRILLING. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “DC170 : THE IKON OF DRILLING. The innovative production technologyfor PCD Vein tools is state of the art. CFRP AIRCRAFT FUSELAGECNC-controlled fuselage rivetingmachines, flextracks and robots, aswell as automatic drilling units andhand-held drilling machines, are usedfor machining CFRP fuselage panelsand their attachment parts.