What is balance diet pdf

The Morning Banana Diet is a weight loss diet. It was popular in Japan in 2008, causing shortages of bananas in food stores. Niigata University School what is balance diet pdf Medicine Professor Masahiko Okada described it to be a fad diet due to lack of nutrient balance. The diet plan allows consumption of unlimited bananas with room temperature water or a serving of milk for breakfast.

Lunch and dinner food choices are unrestricted. They can have one or more bananas as a snack between meals, but no other desserts are permitted.

Nothing is eaten after 8 pm, and the dieter must go to bed by midnight. He popularized the diet when he wrote about it on Mixi, one of Japan’s largest social networking services. Over 730,000 Morning Banana Diet books have been sold since March. Eat a banana for an evening snack if necessary.